Who Are You

A few years ago I was teaching a Psychology course at a Christian University in Costa Rica. One of the main areas of study was the formation of a person’s identity in their teenage years. As we studied all the factors that influenced the shaping of an individuals identity, I would ask my students: Who are you?

A student answered, “John Gomez”
No, That’s just your name… Who are you?

“Oh, I’m a student” , he replied.
No, that’s what you do… Who are you?

“I’m a Costa Rican”
No, that’s your nationality…Who are you?

“I’m a Christian” said another student.
No that’s your religious preference… Who are you?

“I am a man” said one student in the back with a deep voice.
That’s just your gender… Who are you?

“I’m a husband”
That’s just your civil state…Who are you?

We would go on and on and realize that we consider ourselves to be many things. We are used to wearing so many different hats. We have so many titles and positions, that sometimes we forget the essence of who we really are.

“Knowing who you are is the key to having the right perspective in life.”

–Who you are is not determined by your past, it’s not determined by your failures or mistakes. It’s not determined by your title or position.

–Who you are is not determined by the culture or by who the world says you are.

–Who you are is not determined by your job or your possessions. It’s not determined by your social media followers or your popularity.

YOU ARE who God created you to be! Who you are is determined by design. God made you with a purpose and that defines who you are. It’s not what you do, but what you were created to do. Do you want to know who are you? Then the real question is, What did God create you for?