Wet Grass

Psalms 72:6
He shall come down like rain upon the grass before mowing,
Like showers that water the earth.

Have you every had to mow the grass right after it rains? It’s quite an irritating task. The grass gets all clumped up and sticks to everything. When I was in high school, my parent’s owned a lawn care business that I helped run. Nothing was worse than a day of mowing wet grass. Those were long days.

In this scripture, we read of how Jesus, the Word, will come like rain upon the grass, showering the earth. It’s a beautiful imagery… unless you’re the lawn care guy.

We often overlook the inconvenience that the Word (Jesus) brings into our lives. The Word stretches you. It moves you beyond your comfort zone. It corrects sin. It’s uncomfortable. It can hurt at times. It’s for your good, but it’s far from convenient.

If you’re spending time in the Word, prepare for inconvenience. It’s probably right around the corner. With each stretch and pull, God is molding you into a better representation of Him. Embrace the inconvenience. Through the inconvenience, His glory is revealed.