We are citizens of Heaven!

Philippians 3:20
20 But our citizenship is in heaven, and we eagerly await a Savior from there, the Lord Jesus Christ.

That is wonderful News isn’t it?… not only is a great blessing to know that our true citizenship is in Heaven, that through Jesus we have been adopted to the Family of God, and converted into a new creation. Our citizenship is in Heaven! We belong to God and our place is with Him. Now in the meantime, while we are in this earth, we need to understand that we are like foreigners.
So what should we learn from this truth?

1-Because my Citizenship is in Heaven, I have a different Culture.
That means that my beliefs and conduct are different from the ones of the people of this earth, that’s why Paul wrote to the Romans Christians telling them, Do not conform to this world, but be Transformed… he was saying, don;t do the same things of the culture of this world, don;t just go with the flow, you are different, your culture is different because your citizenship is in Heaven

2-Because my Citizenship is in Heaven, I have different Perspective of things.
We don’t see things as the world sees them, the world lives by sight, but we live by faith. Thats means that what we see, we see it through the Faith in Jesus, so we are able to have a different perspective than the negative people telling us that it’s impossible, a different perspective of life and a different way of seeing things, Through the perspective of GOD.

3-Because we are Citizens of Heaven, We are ambassadors of Christ.
“We are ambassadors for Christ.” 2 Corinthians 5:20
As a representant of our Lord Jesus Christ and our heavenly Citizenship, we need to see ourselves as ambassadors, we represent Jesus, we represent the Kingdom of God, and for that reason, our lives need to reflect the love of God towards others, and to try to be every day more like Jesus.

So remember, you are a citizen of Heaven… it’s a great blessing, but also a great responsibility!

Be the Ambassador that God needs you to be!