Toddler Talk

Parents get so excited when their kids say their first word. Then they begin to put sentences together. They can talk! But then there’s a gut-check moment of, whoa, they can talk…what are they going to say, what are they going to repeat? A toddler can see their exhausted dad take one nap and then go tell the world that their dad sleeps all day. (Totally had that happen with us.) Their perspective can be a little off when they take a truth and distort it. I chuckle when I recount how many times I responded to my friends stories, with “My kid said what?!?”

All these memories came flooding to my mind today when I read something Paul wrote to the Roman church. (Plus it’s the first day of school and I’m feeling a bit nostalgic.)

“But if our unrighteousness demonstrates the righteousness of God, what shall we say?” —Romans 3:5 NKJV

No matter how big we get, how much experience we gain or how independent we believe ourselves to be…we are God’s kids. Our lives tell the story of our Heavenly Father. We either confirm His character or we go against it. Our image of God determines how we live our lives which is why it is so important to dig in and discover and rediscover who God is. I never want to distort His truths. The more I know God, the more I know myself.

ASK—How have I distorted the truth of God to my world? Ask God to help make His truths your truths.