Obedience Before Deliverance

Read Genesis 6-9. I’m not going to attempt to copy and paste the entire text. : )

The story of Noah is one of the most told stories from the Bible. Every children’s Bible includes the story. Every Sunday School felt board set includes a Noah, the ark, and bunch of two-by-two animals. My point is… everyone has at least heard of the story.

I was recently talking with a friend about some life struggles when the story of Noah flooded my mind. (See what I did there?) Something occurred to me. We don’t ever see an account of Noah complaining or asking God why he was given such a huge task… After all… he was over 600 years old… Noah had a daunting command from God in a time where the rest of civilization had turned from God. You can imagine the criticism from the rest of the people.

Noah knew God had a plans of purging the world of sin and delivering he and his family to create a new population that would, again, follow God.

Here’s the point of what God showed me. God couldn’t bring the cleansing until Noah fulfilled his task. Noah’s obedience was required for his deliverance. Often, we find ourselves waiting on God to deliver us from harsh circumstances when God is simply waiting on our obedience.

What is God calling you to do? What changes is God calling you to make in your life? On the back side of obedience is deliverance.