He’s Trying To Kill Me

When Jesus had to deal with the under-sovereign of this world called satan, the scripture says the devil told Him, “If you bow down and worship me… everything you see I’ll give to you.” Jesus never challenged the claim. Jesus didn’t argue with Him. Because He knew something that we didn’t know.

“Worship equals acquisition.”

You can’t worship and not receive. Talk to people in the secular music industry and you would be surprised at how many of them have made demonic packs, sold their soul to the devil to gain the riches of the world. Now, if the devil can give you all that if you worship him… How much more do we get if we worship the King of Kings?

The Bible says Jesus answered him and said, It is written, “thou shall worship the Lord thy God and Him alone shalt thou serve.” And the next verse in Matthew 4 says, “The devil left.”

When Jesus settled the issue of worship… the devil left. He didn’t have to speak in tongues. He didn’t have to call a prayer meeting. He didn’t have to roll on the floor. He didn’t need no special nothing. When He said you ain’t getting no praise here, the devil left!

If there is an abundance of demonic activity in your life, it is because there is an absence of worship. Those of you who only worship on a Sunday remember, the devil has Monday through Saturday to mess with you. So worship must be a lifestyle.

Proskuneo – To bow and to kiss.