Don’t Look Busy?

Have you ever been talking to your kids and they can not hear you? Let me rephrase that… Have you ever been talking to your kids and they “act” like they can not hear you? When you ask them to do something (that they do not want to do) they are struck with an instant urgency to “look” busy. Parents, it is simple… Looking busy = refusing to listen.

Homeschool Days
I home schooled for a few years. When I asked my son to get out his handwriting book, he acted like he was busy. I would repeat myself over and over, while getting louder and louder (not yelling of course), until I realized he was completely ignoring me. I bent over to his level, took a deep breath and moved my head closer to his. Our eyes were literally inches from each other and I said, “Skyler, I need you to get out your handwriting book.” He said, “Okay Mom…I’m on it.” (acting as though it was the first time he heard me.) So many times God is speaking to us, we turn and refuse to listen. We make excuses, pretend to be busy, or turn the other direction. This is what Pharaoh continued to do.

Pharaoh’s Pride
Exodus 7:22 “Pharaoh’s heart became hard; he would not listen to Moses and Aaron, just as the Lord had said. 23Instead, he turned and went into his palace, and did not take even this to heart”

God spoke, more like yelled, as loud as he could through Moses. Pharaoh refused to listen and turn. Can you say “pride issue!” Pharaoh had plenty of opportunities, but chose to ignore the truth. Is God speaking to you? Is there someone God sent in your life to help and you are ignoring and turning in the other direction? Don’t let pride get in your way of listening to God speak!

Your life can be a living testimony with powerful stories to be told… a legacy. Listen to Him! Obey Him! Follow Him! His name will be GLORIFIED.