Remember December

D E C E M B E R has the potential to become a crazy, hectic, want to pull your hair out, kinda month.

Don’t go through this season in such a hurry, going from one activity to the next, that you forget to slow down and remember what CHRISTmas is all about. Involve Christ in every part of your Christmas activities!

Let’s eliminate {HURRY} from our To-Do list and strive to live an unhurried life! Below I have listed how to slow down and enjoy this Christmas season with your friends and family…all while remembering the true meaning of Christmas! Enjoy!

-Fill a shoe box for Operation Christmas Child.
-Visit an elderly home and hand out homemade cookies.
-Take a few small gifts to a shelter for women and children.
-Write a letter to a family friend or some troops stationed overseas.
-Serve a meal together as a family at a local homeless shelter.
-Clean out your toy boxes and donate good quality items to an opportunity store.

-Visit a “live” nativity scene.
-Go to Christmas Eve service at Echo Church.
-Read the Christmas story in the Bible.
-Make and decorate a birthday cake for Jesus.
-Write a letter to Jesus, thanking him for the gifts you received throughout the year.
-Make paper crowns and talk about the wise men and the gifts they brought Jesus.

-Visit a few friends’ houses to sing Christmas carols and hand out candy canes.
-Hop in the car in your jammies and drive around to look at the Christmas lights.
-Visit Santa for photos.
-Go to a tree-lighting ceremony.
-Check out books from the library about how people celebrate Christmas in other nations.

-Make Christmas cookies.
-Serve a red and green themed meal.
-Make edible Christmas trees out of upside-down ice cream cones, green frosting, and sprinkles.
-Decorate a gingerbread house.

-Have a living room dance party to a fun Christmas album.
-Let everyone in the family choose a country and then google to see how they celebrate Christmas there.
-Unwrap and read a new Christmas book.
-Pull out mattresses and have a family slumber party under the tree.
-Make popcorn and watch home movies from the year.
-Have a “fancy dress” code for dinner one night.