Able And Willing To Help

“My command is this: Love each other as I have loved you.” —John 15:12, NIV

I was recently watching a movie about a girl attempting to prepare the Thanksgiving meal for her family. She lived in a rundown apartment and when she went to baste her turkey, she realized the oven was broken. She proceeds to go door-to-door and floor-to-floor looking for someone, anyone to let her use their oven. It was clear that she didn’t know her neighbors and her neighbors didn’t know her. She then knocks on the door of a couple who not only help her with her turkey but through many joyful and tearful moments help her make every dish even more special than she was planning.

I turned to my husband Shawn, and said, “There are so many people at our fingertips who are not only able to help but WILLING, but we never ask.” Why is that?

If God commands us to love others and we personally know how great it is to love on someone, why do we deprive others the privilege of loving us when we are in need?

Evaluate your needs today. It may be as simple as using someone’s oven or it may be more. I know there is someone out there able and willing to lend a hand. It may be someone familiar or it may be a complete stranger. But, don’t be afraid to ask.