Go Fishing

“Come, follow Me,” Jesus said, “and I will make you fishers of men.” Matthew 4:19

To catch fish you have to go to where they are. You need to find the places where the fish hang out and spend some time there.

Makes me think that Jesus told us that we are called to be fishers of men, BUT we are not going to accomplish our calling of reaching people for Jesus if we are not willing to get out of our comfort zone… If we don’t go to where the people are, if we don’t look to make new friendships and talk to new people.

We are a conversation away from changing someone’s life. People are swimming in the dark waters of a hopeless world without Jesus and we can help them out and into a full life of fresh waters in the Kingdom of God.

Jesus is calling you to be a Fisher of Men and Women. Go out and meet people, start conversations, notice others, become aware of the unhappy voice, the worried countenance or the sad eyes that in your life that could easily be overlooked.

Remember… To catch fish, you have to go to where the fish are!! In the same way to help people find Jesus we have to go to where they are, open our mouths and tell them the GOOD NEWS!